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As a business owner, managing day-to-day operations likely takes the majority of your time, leaving little to no time to deal with the financial side of business. And, unless you’re an accounting professional, your expertise lies elsewhere. For business owners interested in maintaining good cash flow, maximizing profits, and confidently complying with tax requirements, having an experienced, knowledgeable. and trustworthy accounting firm working for you is invaluable.

Outsourced CFO

An Outsourced CFO is an experienced finance professional who brings extensive business management expertise to a company at a fraction of the cost. Bringing the needed expertise and experience to transform your business into a sophisticated operation, an Outsourced CFO can help manage a wide range of situations related to the financial operations of a business.

Many businesses recognize the need for a talented finance professional but can’t attract, afford, or manage one in-house. An Outsourced CFO, provides the same level of expertise as a full-time CFO, but also offers excellent flexibility and favorable cost advantages. For this reason, savvy business leaders hire Outsourced CFOs who can deliver game-changing results at a fraction of the cost to hire internally. Hiring a CFO at the right time can add significantly long-lasting value to a business.

Let Simplicity Financial help you!


Prepare financial statements

Accounts payable and receivable

Financial forecasting

Oncreasing cash flow and improving profitability

Tax compliance (sales use and payroll taxes)

Strategic tax planning

Set up an accounting system and controls

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Simplicity Financial offers accounting and bookkeeping solutions for small – to medium-sized businesses. Built to meet your business’s needs now and as you grow, Simplicity Financial will help improve efficiencies and visibility into your business so you can trust your numbers and make better-informed decisions.

Experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy… let Simplicity Financial help!


Chart of Accounts Setup or Review

Account Reconciliations

Monthly Financial Statements

End of Year & 1099s

Audit Prep & Support

Revenue and Expense Data Entry and Allocations

Bill Pay

Financial Dashboards / Custom Reports

Payroll Coordination

Internal Controls

Advisory Services / Custom Requests

Tax Preparation

Simplicity Financial can help your small to medium-sized business stay compliant and up-to-date. With expertise in preparing and filing federal, state, and local income taxes—as well as 1099s, Simplicity Financial can prepare business returns including sole proprietors, partnerships, LLC’s, corporations, estates and trusts.

Whether you are struggling with preparing your taxes, late taxes, an  audit, any income tax troubles, or if you simply want to know that you are getting the tax maximum benefit, let Simplicity Financial help!


Save time and money

Get a better tax return

Avoid costly tax errors

Compliance with current tax laws and regulations

Catch up on past returns